Post POW! WOW! San Jose

We would like to thank all our amazing artists for dedicating their time and talents to add their touch of creativity and abundant soul within our city walls. Our community witnessed the transformation of our public spaces by these artists, shaping lines and layering colors to manifest the masterpieces that were once only visible to these creators. Each day saw progression in the narratives told to us by their hands, and each day we were able to find a piece of ourselves within these murals. All who were actively or accidentally looking for it, whether it is through social interaction, or through the visceral nature of art, found some form of connection adorning every inch and corner of downtown San Jose.  These gifts of color, imagination, and poetry are here to uplift and remind us that we may be bounded by our human limitations, but it does not mean our minds should adhere to those same restrictions.

We would like to thank our team and the many volunteers for making this inaugural year a success. Because of your love and passion for arts and culture we were able to make this event happen. Through the photos, videos, events, and the shuttling of artists, supplies, and food around our city, your dedication shined brightly during those times we needed you most. We would not have a POW! WOW! San Jose without your self-sacrifice and enthusiasm carrying us through each day.

We would like to thank all our sponsors and supporters for helping to make this week-long festival a reality for our city! Because of your time, energy, and donations we were able to supply our artists and team with the necessary tools to manifest these beautiful murals in and around our downtown into reality. From the scissor lifts, paints, coffee, food, printers, shops, and endless encouragement that found us with each and every individual, our efforts stood on the foundation you helped us build.

Lastly, we want to say thank you to our city, to the many communities sprinkled around the world that have supported this event, this movement since it was announced. Because each and every one of you decided to be involved with in this festival with your social media capital and physical presence at our events, this celebration is also yours to behold and take pride in. We did not organize this festival for our own mere enjoyment. This was for all of us to take part in and claim for ourselves.  

Expect many new projects and events leading up to our second year. But until then, revisit these walls and share their beauty with your world. Full images of the completed murals will be on the website soon ( Remember to follow us on Instagram (@powwowsanjose) and tag us in any of your shots! We would love to see them! 

POW! WOW! San Jose team