Established in 2008, Empire Seven Studios (E7S), an urban contemporary art gallery located in San Jose, California, has been advocating for local/global artists by creating opportunities and providing a place to elevate and highlight emerging talents on a grand scale.

Jennifer Ahn, Curator/Gallery Manager went to SJSU and received her BFA in Photography with a Minor in Design. Juan Carlos Araujo, Director/Art Consultant, a self-taught painter, grew up doing graffiti. Both coming from two different art backgrounds has given E7S a passionate inclusive approach to the art that they showcase and curate within the current and contemporary times. E7S has enhanced the San Jose art scene by bringing life to the city through murals, innovative pop-up shows, and gallery exhibits. E7S has evolved as a meeting place for artists of different disciplines to engage and connect with the public.

In 2013, E7S took art into public places. The vision is for artists to participate in a community revitalization and beautification process that creates an awareness and a artistic presence in the city's neighborhoods. The development of murals enhanced Japantown's presence as a prolific arts district and destination. The Japantown Art Walk is a result of a unique vision which has greatly contributed to the successful development of mural projects expanding and reaching into the surrounding neighborhoods. The murals have also increased customer traffic for many of the businesses and has helped to create an arts hub identity for many parts of San Jose.

E7S is a place where good company and friendships are intertwined and the arts are forever appreciated.

Photo by Daniel Garcia

Photo by Daniel Garcia

San Jose Artist and Empire Seven Studios Owner, Juan Carlos Araujo. Content Magazine, 2012.

Empire Seven Studios Documentary, 2013. 
Interview with Juan Carlos Araujo.