The Propeller Group and El Mac


Good afternoon!

For the last year, we’ve been looking for a new home to rebuild our gallery and using the time to prepare for the future. We also joined a multicultural arts leadership institute to help elevate the craft that has helped build a movement for our own art scene. Through our difficult times, we’ve received so much support and are forever grateful.

We are also thankful for institutions like the San Jose Museum of Art (SJMA) and Children’s Discovery Museum (CDM) who have reached out to us.

Lauren Dickens (Curator at the SJMA) has an amazing exhibit coming to San Jose, on October 27th, with the Propeller Group. This collective of artists travel globally to showcase and activate several local partnerships in order to take the exhibit out to the public.

The SJMA partnered with E7S to become their location scout and project manager for this new mural. While working on another project with the CDM, E7S wanted to bring together two long time established community entities for this exciting project.

El Mac is someone who highlights everyday people and in some cases iconic figures. This monumental piece will face San Carlos.

Thanks to the Public Arts Commission’s approval of the project, we will have our own El Mac piece in San Jose.

Our friends have done their part writing grants and calling a local public art curator to collaborate. It’s been a privilege to serve both institutions and they have served us.

Now you can do your part. If you would like to donate and share this cause, visit

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