POW! WOW! Nepal

Lauren Napolitano @peptalks just wrapped up POW! WOW! Nepal with a team of artists from all over the World, in collaboration with the POW! WOW! World Wide Family.

After visiting and experiencing the event in our beloved City, Lauren knew that POW! WOW! Nepal was something the Koslei School in Kathmandu for underprivileged children could have benefit from. What this family of artists did for the school is truly beyond words. How they interacted with the students is heart warming, moving, and inspirational.

For one week we followed the artists on social media as they immersed themselves into Nepal’s beautiful people and culture. They worked intensely to paint a whole school with the students, and host DIY workshops.

It’s incredibly humbling witnessing such dedication and tribute to what being a giving person is all about.

POW! WOW! World Wide is a family of artists supporting a Public Art movement that brings people together, and contributes to undeserved communities. Many thanks to all the artists that continue to support small organizations that do huge projects with very little.

We will be posting, images, and videos of their experience to share with you all. For more info visit @powwownepal

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Live Painting at Eastridge Center grand re-opening

Juan Carlos Araujo, founder of E7S, had the opportunity to do some live painting at Eastridge Center's grand re-opening. At Entrance C (where Barnes and Noble used to be), you will see the indoor mural he created and the canvases he painted inside the window storefronts. 

Eastridge, being the Nation's largest enclosed shopping mall in the West, was first opened on May 17, 1971 with the original Anchors: Macy's, Liberty House, J. C. Penney, Joseph Magnin Co., and Sears. Many of us who grew up in San Jose has some history connected to this place. If you haven't had the chance, visit Eastridge Center. Aside from the stores, food and activation of various events, they also have 4 murals around the exterior buildings by artists Aaron De La Cruz, Brendan The Blob, Cyrcle and Lila Gemelos. 

Andrew Schoultz new mural in San Jose, CA (April 2015)

Back in April 2015, Andrew Schoultz started work on a new massive mural in San Jose’s Japantown neighborhood. Measuring at 150ft wide by 24 ft tall, Andrew, with friends who came to volunteer, worked over 10 hour days to complete the mural in just 5 days! This is our 11th mural…. part of our E7SWallSJ project.

Much of Andrew’s work is based on the relationship between humans and nature and current political/social issues. It’s really interesting to hear Andrew discuss his views on these things as he gets deep into these issues and really makes you think twice about many of the things people are blind to these days.

Just having the ability to see how he works as an artist by adding layers, colors and textures was an experience of its own. During his time in San Jose, we were able to spend some quality time, taking him to some local arts shows and having him try local eateries.

Many people came throughout the 5 days to check out the mural in person. Some just drove by slowly, admiring the vibrancy and majestic quality to this piece. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, it’s located on 6th and Empire Streets in San Jose’s Japantown. Grab a bite to eat and walk on by to see in person!