Skate photo jam @ E7S

Thank you for the photos/article @pettigrewphoto

Here is a repost with a write up from Aaron Pettigrew:

“The Last Days of Empire 7 Studios”- In the beginning of March I was talking to @yourhomeboy_harv about certain changes that were happening in San Jose that were going to directly affect parts of the San Jose creative community. One of the affected areas was @empire7studios; it was going to be completely torn down to create room for more condos. As we talked about it, he introduced the idea of bringing some obstacles to skate and shoot photos on at the gallery as a way to kind of preserve some of the art there. After a few days of planning things out, figuring out how to get obstacles to skate and reaching out to the people I wanted personally to come out to skate and shoot with, a rough plan was set. We skated and shot all day, and just had fun with it. Huge thank you to @q.loc & @neverboredmag for giving me a place to turn this into an actual article, to @yourhomeboy_harv and Juan @empire7studios @powwowsanjose for giving me this opportunity,and to @debase @louiebarletta and @faithfulskateshop for providing the obstacles!!

Skateboarders: @chrisscorpuzz @sinath_sao @justincolvin @sjskateboarding

Artists: @griffinone @longnecklife @rremio @wegotem @powwowsanjose