Blog posting....

We've been pretty bad about our blog posting because we've been laying low while we are working on new things coming our way. Since our last post, we have been working to rebuild our new space. Exciting news to come soon!

In March, we completed a new mural with Lacey Bryant, located on 2nd Street across the street from Burnette Middle School. This mural represents the diversity of local students that attend or have attended the school within the various seasons of winter, spring, summer and fall. The pixels represent the things the students learn coming together to shape the people they become. Throughout the mural, there is a black box pixel with a drawing taken from the kids who drew things that made them think of the school year. Lastly the word "believe" was painted in various languages throughout the mural, again to represent diversity.

Thank you to the County who helped clear coat to protect the piece and provided a new landscape garden for the neighborhood to enjoy! Thank you to Antonina, Kathleen and Victoria....the neighborhood ambassadors who helped make this happen! Thank you to the neighborhood for embracing this new edition to our Northside community.

Photos by Ian Lundie