POW! WOW! San Jose in Hawaii...

Just a few weeks ago, we attended the very first Director's Summit and assist with the annual POW! WOW! Hawaii. 

We met with POW! WOW! Directors from all over the world. Guam, Japan, Taiwan, Worcester, Austin, Long Beach, Hawaii and Washington DC. This was a great way for us to all share our experiences, ideas and ways we can work potentially together to keep building on what we do.

Networking with all the artists who participating in this years’ POW! WOW! Hawaii was tremendous. We learned from each other and developed relationships during the week spent together. All the Directors were “hands on” and as a team helped run the Hawaii festival. 

Below are photos of some of the experiences through POW! WOW! Hawaii week and final murals. For photos of all the complete murals, visit http://powwowhawaii.com/