"Here & There" works by Sam Rodriguez on view until August 31

Original artworks and giclee prints on velvet fine art paper available!

Come check out the exhibit and take a short walk one block away to visit the new mural on 8th and Empire Street (prints available of the new mural!). 

Gallery hours:
Tuesday - Friday: 12-6pm
Saturday: 12-4pm
and by appointment

About the artist and his work:
Sam Rodriguez is an artist based out of San José, CA and have been fortunate to have had shown his work in public art spaces, museums, companies, galleries, internet, and editorial publications. For a number of years he was self-taught through the graffiti scene, until he later decided to expand his studies by pursuing a Bachelor in Fine Arts from California College of the Arts.  He has since blended what he absorbed from both experiences to create his current style.  At the moment, he is interested in two types of portraiture that he calls, "Topographical Portraiture" and "Type Faces".  Topographical Portraits, are made by stylizing a portrait with topographical lines and shapes in a similar manner to those found through images on geographic maps. Type Faces, incorporate typography and portraiture. He developed these through countless studio sessions, to use as a platform for his interest in social, historic, and cultural hybridity.


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