New mural in Northside neighborhood of San Jose

.New Mural by @ohhpeeskee 15th st. & St. John, San Jose California, in collaboration with #EmpireSevenStudios @svcreates A total of 10 days to complete the mural. Four out of the 10 days, we worked with the youth to help teach them the process of making zines, the business of art and working together as a team to help us on this project.

"The idea of this mural is to tie in significant elements of San Jose’s innovative and rich history in agriculture and technology.

Working in the grocery industry, I’ve tooken a keen liking towards manufacturing labels, logos, fonts and characters. Through these likings I’ve chosen specific designs that intertwine the agriculture offerings most harvested in the San Jose region and the often overlooked art of produce packaging. With inspirations including typography and vibrant color ways I’ve incorporated American labor leader and civil rights activist Cesar Chavez, a historic icon to not only our community but to the farming industry all together.

The canvas of this mural holds a great deal in history itself. Temple Laundry was the original business before its vicinity became occupied by IBM , International Business Machines, most notable for its contributions to science, NASA, the U.S. government and the early rise of the tech industry.

All things considered, I hope this mural will serve as a positive memorial to the sacrifes made by leaders in the nations farming industry and innovators of the technological uprising. Iconic forces of opposite spectrums whose accomplishments from hard work and dedication still echo in our everyday lives." -Op

Photo by @keptabsorbed