D3 Decides! Cast in your votes! Deadline is May 31!

Participatory Budget will impact the community you live in. Ideas can stretch as far as building a bench in an area that needs it to even acquiring a community center for your location. The idea needs to be a permanent placement where it doesn’t need funding throughout the years. Need a stop sign? No problem! Need speed bumps to fight against fast drivers? You got it! This is the time where anyone mentioned in the requirements can vote. Your fellow neighbors have submitted what they believe is needed within the community. Now it is the time to take matters into your own hands and see what the possibilities can be.

You may ask yourself: “Why bother?, my vote doesn’t count?”, when in reality it certainly does! You have the option of picking 6 different ideas. Even though ideas were already submitted, it is within the power of the community as a whole that makes the final decisions of what is being implemented.

Vote now! http://d3decides.com/vote-2/