Art, burgers and more in SF

This past Saturday, we drove up to SF to show support of many artist friends who were in a show or who had a opening in their space.

Started off with stopping by the Sunset to see Jason Arnold's work on it's last day at The Great Highway Gallery. Met the owner, super nice guy who is an artist himself! Just next door there was a Kronnerburger popup so we grabbed dinner and had the most amazing burgers!

Next stop was at visiting the duo t.w.five who had their opening at State Space Gallery in the mission. They are also currently part of our "Pairs" show at our gallery so don't forget to stop by to see their work while you're in Japantown.

Third stop was at SF's Flax art supply store. They are planning to close down so a group of artists/curators put together a large group show. It was great to see so many people we've worked with.....Bigfoot, Chad Hasegawa, Erlin Geffrard, Pacolli, Tim Diet.....

Lastly, we stopped by Space 236 to support our friend's space. They had "Black Mail" as the opening and so many people came to support!

What a great evening!