Saturday night art openings in SF and Oakland

Last Saturday night, we drove up to Oakland to support our very own Jessica Eastburn's solo show opening at Totally Rad Gallery. Jessica's work portrays contemporary digital overload by illustrating layers of pop culture iconography that's created within a collage of patterns and shapes. In a world of“drag and drop” digital technology, everything is hand drawn and painted by Jessica. Most people cannot believe her work is not digitally produced!

While we were visiting Jessica, there was the opening of a new space called Somewhere Else Gallery, opened by a mutual friend HellaBreezy (and her friend Mexakitsch). The show was "Midnight Love" with artwork by El Oms. Werewolf cholo art....pretty cool stuff!

In between there was a vintage shop, a DJ playing records and some bomb ass home made tacos!


Next we headed over to SF to visit our buddies having a show at Luggage Store Gallery.

"Gentrifried" with new works by Spencer Keeton Cunningham, Erlin Geffrard, Daisy Ortiz, Daylin Ra, Jaque Fragua, Don't Fret, Robin Birdd

This was a fun show with a serious underlying message on gentrification in San Francisco.