Carlos Agrillo studio visit for his upcoming show......

New works by Carlos Agrillo (@los_art ) Exhibit Opens November 11, 2016.

This summer Carlos participated in our anniversary show executing a Mayan skateboard inspired by his close friend artist Drew Flores. The candy flake hypnotized guests for two months while on view.

His most recent, dedication to airbrush, clear coat and metallic flake. A traditional technique in the automotive industry. Only he applies it to creating his art, which can consist of portraits, and most recently comics. . Mixing both medias paints, and collage for a new series of a dozen or more new pieces of work for his Solo show in our artist in residency project space.

"When coming up with this show, I wanted to tie in my past with my present. As a kid, I would spend countless hours trying to mimic my favorite covers. As an adult, I am always trying to learn new things, thus beginning my interest in painting motorcycles and helmets, airbrushing with Kandy paints, and using flake. I ended up being able to create awesome pieces by incorporating my flake process with a more contemporary form of art. My show Stripped is the first installment of panels with images representing my childhood past, and the flake mediums to represent me in present time."

We've worked with Carlos Agrillo back in 2012. He showcased alongside friends Drew Roulette, Colin Frangicetto, in the Day Broo Yay exhibit. His portrait painting of pop icons like Mr. Miyagi, bias due to our love for Karate Kid make you reminisce.

He's doing it again, taking you even further to childhood DC, Marvel comic days, hanging in out in your onesies pajamas with the thick plastic bottoms.

We look forward to hanging out and packaging some of this awesome art for Holiday gifts, a great unique way to surprise your loved ones.

See you November 11th, 2016. 7-10pm #carlosagrillo #littletokyoprojectspace #e7s #november #holiday