Jim Phillips Sr. has influenced many artists since the 1970’s, with his biggest impact being the body of work he created in the 1980’s skateboard industry, including his creation of the Screaming Hand logo in 1985.  The primary goal of the art show is to honor Jim Phillips Sr., The Screaming Hand, as well as all the participating artists by displaying their unique interpretations of the iconic Screaming Hand.

When visitors leave the art show, they should say to themselves “I just saw a piece of original skateboarding history and was able to connect with Jim Phillips, Sr. and these many artists, to see how they were influenced by Jim and for a moment, get inside their artistic view of interpreting an iconic piece of art.“

Many of these artists remember the moment they first saw a piece of Jim Phillips Sr.’s artwork. It could have been a skateboard deck graphic, a rock poster or this Screaming Hand logo. The art show will display their interpretation of “The Hand”, but also give a brief back story of what their first Jim Phillips experience was, as well as background on why they created and chose the piece of art on display.

The art show has been traveling all of 2015 in places such as: Vancouver, UK, Spain, Germany, France, Holland, Australia, Japan and Taiwan. Starting in 2016, the show will be traveling to 10 USA locations such as San Jose, New York, Boston, New Jersey, Atlanta, Miami, Austin, Phoenix, Kansas City, Denver, Seattle, and Portland  and then end back into Santa Cruz, CA.

The opening will be on Saturday, January 16 from 7-10pm.