E7S travels to Hawaii (Feb 2015)

A few weeks ago, we went on a short vacation trip to Oahu, Hawaii! It was the first time for both of us so there was a lot to explore. The first couple of days, we stayed on the other side of the island, called North Shore. It was less touristy and LOTs of beaches and greenery. With a car rental, we were really able to experience the beautiful landscape of Hawaii! As much as we went for vacation, we planned to go during the launch of Pow Wow Hawaii. This is a week-long festival full of art, live murals and a closing event.

The next few days we stayed in the upper part of Waikiki….again away from as much tourists as possible. We were pretty close to the downtown area, where all the murals were taking place. Didn’t get to stay until the very end of Pow Wow but enough to see the murals in progress and catch up with or meet artists involved.

While in Hawaii, we got to try some really good food but what topped it off was our last night when we went and did a 7 course dinner at Morimoto’s! Yes, Iron Chef Morimoto! It was definitely the art of food.

Having some R&R was definitely a treat and being able to see all the murals come alive was an amazing experience! Can’t wait until we can go back to relax in Hawaii!

For more info on Pow Wow Hawaii, visit http://powwowhawaii.com/