Videos of Empire Seven Studios

“Sharks Territory” by Nychos. Video by Johnny w/AIO Filmz. Music by Darkult. 2019

"Here & There" mural by Sam Rodriguez. Video by John Atamos. 2017

Watch as San Jose native Juan Carlos Araujo talks about enlivening the streets of San Jose's Japantown through art.

"Exit" mural by Juan Carlos Araujo. Valley Fair Mall, Santa Clara, CA. Video by John Atamos

5 days + 140ft x 24ft = Fun times Andrew Schoultz mural on 6th and Empire in Japantown, San José, CA. Video by Melisa Nolan

Day-Broo-Yay Collaborative Art Show, 2012. Carlos Agrillo, Colin Frangicetto, Drew Roulette.

Empire Seven Studios Documentary, 2013. 
Interview with Juan Carlos Araujo.

San Jose Artist and Empire Seven Studios Owner, Juan Carlos Araujo. Content Magazine, 2012.

Sainer - artist from Poland and part of ETAM Cru

Empire Seven Studios & MSNGR86 at Granada Theatre in Morgan Hill, California, 2015. Video by Ramon R54

Opening reception Friday the 13th 2015 Archetype$ art show, Empire Seven Studios San Jose CA 525 N 7th Street

Following The Trucker through his daily routine, 2015.
Video by Taylor Morgan.

"Archetype$" November 2015. Music by SPC, Erlin Geffrard, Pat Parra, Chris Balualua, Isiah Flores

We meet up with Owner, Juan Carlos Araujo, of Empire Seven Studios in San Jose, CA, to catch up on what he has been doing. San Jose, CA. 2012

Pat Parra Live at Empire Seven Studios in San Jose, CA, 2011. Directed by Danilo Parra.