September 2016 / A Rin Pelon

Mitsy Avila Aguila

"I learned to draw ladies from sexy Mexican comics found on the bathroom floors of my house and that of my grandparents. The same ones inappropriately displayed between the newest Capulina and Memin Pinguin on the new stands en route to La Fila Pal' Otro Lado. All those curves squeezed onto a 5 by 5 inch square format. That just became the way women were built. My nana and her sisters confirmed it.

Then came cable and with it 2 Live Crew videos. After that, Frazetta and Crumb. And after that, Lucien Freud.

These drawings are from imagination, so no I can't hook you up. I will occasionally use reference to work out posses or for inspiration. I use 4-5 colored pencils and sometimes gesso.

Liner notes: Thanks to Jen & Carlos for urging me to make this nudie zine. Thanks to my family for not caring what your judgy friends might think or my risque drawings (aka "Vichis"). Thanks to my huz for putting up with pencil shavings everywhere, crawling in and out of bed late, "You're on your" own meals, lowing through his cpier paper and for love and support".

Some girls are bigger than others,
Mitsy Avila Aguila (formally Ovalles)