August/September 2016 / Pairs

From an empowering women line up to exploring the relationship of humans and animals in our current environment, Jennifer Ahn has curated many topics close to her heart. "Pairs" is her latest curatorial feat. The life of an artist can be lonely if unable to find someone who can lend the inspiration and support to a lifetime pursuit of a dream. "Pairs" share more than just a studio, but also a life together and a pact to live outside the norm. This was an exhibit showcasing both individual and collaborative pieces by 15 artist couples.

Beans & Malia Long • Bryan Lopez & Frances Marin • Colin Frangicetto & Sarah Collins • Daisy Ortiz & Erlin Geffrard • Elena Carrasco & Emilio Banuelos • Fernando "Force 129" Amaro & Valentina Carrillo • Jeff Meadows & Kristin Farr • Jennifer Ahn & Juan Carlos Araujo • Jet Martinez & Kelly Ording • Jill "Horiyuki" Halpin & Nathan Halpin • Marisol Picazo & Robbie Lopez • Mildred & Pacolli • Nancy Ahn & Vu Nguyen • Roan Victor & Sean Boyles • t.w. five