April 2016 / Beats, Rhymes and Life

Will Moran

"William Moran is a fine artist and muralist from San Jose, CA. He is an artist that believes liberation and freedom can be found through the practice of self-expression. It is through observation and reflection that allows an artist to openly explore their subject matter through the spiritual, social, and political lenses. Through these lenses new spaces of expression can be found and focused upon. As a public artist William recognizes that the community is essential for the arts to survive and flourish. Within his works an open invitation for collaboration and dialogue is always integrated.

As an instructor and art educator Moran has taught his craft to people of all ages. He has conducted workshops at elementary schools and community centers all around the United States. With each unique setting he has made sure to teach the importance of how art can impact personal and social change within a community.

Portraits are an opportunity for Moran to capture the essence and spirit of a person’s individuality. By mimicking their expressions, emotions, and nuances, he finds a way to pay homage to these lives, acknowledging their impact to the world around us. By painting portraits of Jazz and Hip Hop musicians he takes these personas and makes them larger-than-life. Immortalizing their visages and sounds through paint and passion. Emulating the soundtrack that’s channeled through the canvas and the pulse of the speakers.

With this first solo show Moran hopes this gathering creates a platform for collaboration that goes beyond the gallery walls. With these pieces he hopes to inspire the human spirit found in still life sermons, and extend the hand of connectedness in each and every inspired mind. This is what being an artist means to him. Connection."

-By Danny Le