December 2016 / "DYNASTY"

Mesngr classically trained in the 80's, a generation that took advantage of opportunities to get creative with spray paint on the city's landscapes. Mesngr has painted several monumental pieces throughout the years and has been contributing to the graffiti movement for several decades now both in the Bay Area and nationally. His latest work is a combination of aerosol with oil based paints that are used to illustrate a new geisha series; which are definitely a main attraction.

Although the traditional conservative narrative is not in play or hold to the conceptual Japanese theme, each geisha has her weapon of choice and are portrayed as warriors just as a samurai if you may. Mesngr doesn't really plan to cause conflict through his work but merely expresses a merge of pop, skate, punk culture he finds interested and enjoys.

He expresses that "if my work does in fact raise a brow, isn't that what art is supposed to do? In that sense I'm doing something right."