December 2016 / "Chris"

Chris also known as Cristovoe made his gallery debut. After years of dedication to crushing over thousands of trains, Chris has put his graffiti career o halt when his partner in crime Benny Diar suffered an accident that tragically paralyzed him. Chris has been caretaker of Diar and only the closest of friends that attends to his daily necessities.

Chris, also co-founder of the legendary Clout Graffiti Magazine, a publication that served thousands of graffiti writers before the social media and smart phone craze. Writers from all over the country and world, would snail mail their photographs hoping that they would make the cut.

Clout Magazine Headquarters has also become victim to the housing development. Since closing the shop in 2015, Chris has been running Clout online and focused on painting at his home studio located in the East Side San Jose. His paintings are a kaleidoscope splash tryptic style deconstruction of what his work was with aerosol years in the making.