December 2015 / Group Therapy

Minister Finister, Old Soulism, J.O.Wenegrat, B. Lee/R.Lee, C. Smithsonian, Dwarf Commander, M.A. Freeman, E. Waldinger, J. Rondthaler, J. Littlefield, N. Haitani, R. Beckstrom, Z. Shapira, N. Torres, F. Tavares, A. Conway, J. Gunn Becker, E. Kneelander, St. Luxury, I. Chavez, A. Zellhoefer, M. Checkers, A. Brown, S. Nesbitt, J. Lim, M. Kue, O. Kalnins, L. Quan, Maniac, P. Kennedy, C. McCurry

Empire Seven Studios is pleased to present Group Therapy, 20 years of GT, a group exhibition showcasing the works of several prominent Bay Area artists. Group Therapy celebrates two decades as an community driven practice whereby joining forces, in an effort to guide the blind. Collectively holding a higher vision while sharing this clarity of vision. Artist's re-purpose gallery walls to survey the very action of putting something ‘up’. This show is driven by the visceral process of acquiring space. Utilizing a combined vision to articulate coverage.