December 2014 / Broad Spectrum

Candie Bolton, Lacey Bryant, Kristin Farr, Jade Fish, Angela Fox, Andrea Heimer, Lauren Napolitano, Pacolli, Bunnie Reiss, Sandra Wang, Ariel Wilson

"Broad Spectrum,” is an exhibition of a wide variety of mediums produced by female artists from across the US.

Featured artists are: Candie Bolton (Sacramento, CA), Lacey Bryant (SJ, CA), Kristin Farr (SF, CA), Jayde Fish (SF, CA), Angela Fox (Austin, TX), Andrea Heimer (Montana), Lauren Napolitano (Bay Area, CA), Pacolli (SF), Bunnie Reiss (Oakland, CA), Sandra Wang (NYC), Ariel Wilson (San Diego, CA)

We used social media as our main tool to mine through 1,000’s of images and choose some of the most provocative and inspiring art we could find for this current exhibition. Our goal was to showcase both the struggle and creation female artists are often up against in the art world, while also giving them a chance to shine in a space that will allow them to express themselves completely.
Watching the progression and amazing talent of the work that was created for the show has been a real treat! This exhibit has incredible paintings, illustrations, textiles and much more!