October & November 2014 / Beware! Yokai!

State of Grace Tattoo, UGLARworks, Diamond Club Tattoo

“Beware! Yokai!” A mysterious and super natural theme of traditional folklore and Japanese history.

State of Grace, Diamond Club Tattoo and UGLARworks came together for one amazing show! Art Exhibit curated by Chris Brand and Takahiro Kitamura opened Friday, October 10th at Empire Seven Studios.

Horitaka Kitamura (Taki), a San Jose native/artist, has been establishing Japanese tattoo art in the Bay Area nearly over 20 years. His influence is a key component delivering one intense exhibit. Christopher Brand, a Los Angeles based artist, the mastermind behind bringing together his UGLARworks colleagues; heavyweights who are constantly producing cohesive shows and street murals. They came together collaboratively to execute a flawless exhibit which engages in traditional themes, and yet showcases original styles throughout their works.

Taki and Chris gathered artists ranging from California to Japan… artists from their everyday realm as professionals with high demands to create a body work for their clients.

This particular installation allowed the group to continue in their day to day endeavors but also to explore in transforming this venue into what is at the moment a site of the super natural world. Yōkai  (http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/) symbolic relics of another time and spirit world are floating…suspending out in one incredible temple structured, painted and made from recycled cardboard. Chris Brand, Horitaka Kitamura, Drew Flores, Colin Baker, Horitomo, Steve Martinez, and Evan Skrederstu painted mural renditions and 2D cutouts on foam core throughout the spooky and mesmerizing glow ambiance. Taki and collaborator Jay 222 created “Odukuru” (http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gashadokuro), a giant skeleton reaching out from a template, made of recycled materials, ready to grab his next meal…beware!

For us, the installation process was an art show in itself! We learned a lot from these amazing teams! For those who haven’t made it out yet, we invite you to come explore this exhibit. Bring the kids, your friends and families! It’s the perfect season to put a little mischief into rewards for good fortune and in order to do so you must encounter the Yōkai!