September 2013 / Instinct

John Barrick and Abel Gonzales

“INSTINCT” presents an array of creative pieces by two diligent working artists in the South Bay art scene. The exhibit, heavily based on the theme of animals, is John and Abel’s interpretation of where their careers are at and how often they see the behavior of animals within humans.

Abel Gonzalez is a self-taught artist, well known for his unique taste in colors schemes, techniques and his pride and joy, the “Balloon Shark”.  A San Jose native, Abel started his career very young drawing animals, and what he saw around him. Later he would move onto comic book characters, drawing them for friends, and studying them diligently. Abel’s family and supporters are the source of his inspiration.

John Barrick, also a San Jose native, has proven time and time again that technique is important to his work. With his classic taste of the Fine Arts, John displays his work with an elegant rugged edged style. John’s drive to become a better person than he was yesterday has shown in his appreciation of the Arts. Demonstrating shear will and determination, John Barrick has had his hands full by taking on various design work for numerous establishments and his application of his techniques to traditional sign painting.

Words from The Artists:

John Barrick & Abel Gonzalez would like to thank everyone for their support throughout the years. They would like to humbly remind everyone, that you are the reason why they are motivated to push boundaries and stay consistent. They feed off the energy of everyone alike, and are appreciative of those that surround them with positivity. Their inspiration for the show is for everyone to come and have fun; stop by and enjoy the environment with your family, and children.