August 2012 / Through the Lines

Orly Locquiao

Life is a linear journey. It beings at a birth and rides along the peaks and valleys of our days and nights, like lines drawn from one point to the next. Through The Lines takes a deeper look into the life, artwork, and craft of Orly Locquiao. Lines are pathways, connecting history with the present day. From his earliest years of writing graffiti, to his journeys across the United States and overseas, Orly has pieced together culture these last decades through the end of a spray can tip, camera lens, paintbrush, and electric needle. Though all the mediums say many different things in their expression, it is about the person behind the tools who is telling the story. Join us as we explore the visual talk-stories by a man who has started much (Humble Beginnings, Cukui) and continues to inspire many in his walk for enlightenment through art. Stay Rooted.