Hello everyone. You may or may not know...

But we have been affected by the extreme gentrification going on in the Bay Area... and Empire Seven Studios is being replaced with luxury apartments. In January 2017, we will have to leave the space we spent 10 years building and enjoying art with you. It’s unfortunate that we have to leave our beautiful space.
So many great memories and art shows. So many great people we have met and had the fortune to work with.
Now we need to think about what's next.
To learn more about the future of Empire Seven Studios, please watch the short video we made (link below). If you'd like to help, please spread the word about our Go Fund Me page with as many people as you can.
You can also help by contacting local news channels and radio stations. Communicate the issue! Let them know what Empire Seven Studios means to you and for the City of San Jose.
Thank you so much for sharing your love of art with us throughout the years!
With much love,
Carlos and Jennifer