E7S is currently involved in expanding their dream, seeing art reach out into the streets and into surrounding neighborhoods. It’s a collaborative effort amongst local and global artists under the direction of Juan Carlos Araujo and Jennifer Ahn. Their vision is to get involved with the community and create an awareness of an artistic presence in the public.   

E7S would like to give a special thanks to everyone who has enjoyed participating in the production of these murals, and especially to the local neighborhoods and businesses for embracing them.

In addition to the work we produce under E7S, we are part of a local group of creatives who created POW! WOW! San Jose in 2017. To see more murals/installations we have curated, please visit POW! WOW! San Jose


123 Klan / Apexer / Andres / Robbie Api / Juan Carlos Araujo  / John Barrick  / Bigfoot  Sean Boyles  / Lacey Bryant / Spencer Keeton Cunningham / Ken Davis Aaron de la Cruz / Tim Diet  / Dragon76 / Jessica Eastburn /  El Mac / Paco Excel  Kristin Farr / Drew Flores / Jaque Fragua  / Felicia Gabaldon / Girafa / Abel Gonzalez Icy and Sot / Ivan Gonzalez / Casey Gray / Jeff Gress / Griffin / Chad Hasegawa Ben Henderson / How and Nosm / Jesico  / J.Duh / Knits for Life / Spenser Little   Orly Locquiao  /  Frances Marin / Jet Martinez / Jeff Meadows / Mesngr  / Will Moran  Lauren Napolitano / Nosego  / Opski /  Poesia  / Amine Rastgar / Adele Renault Bunnie Reiss / Renos / Jesus Rodriguez  /  Royyal Dog / Sam Rodriguez  / Sainer Harumo Sato / Andrew Schoultz / Shrine / Nikkea Takagi / Cory Taum / Trav MSK T.W.Five / Roan Victor / Ricky Watts / Woes / Zook58


 Brett Flanigan / Jet Martinez /  Muzae Sesay /  Woodrow White

Photography by: E7S, Ian Lundie, Lanny Nguyen, Jasper Wong